The Doel project was envisioned by Gonona Technologies Limited with the vision to reduce digital divide in developing countries like Bangladesh.

With such ambitious goal, the sheer scale of the project was inborn. The scope of the project was starting a digital device production in a country with no experience or history of doing so. If that wasn’t challenging enough, to reduce digital device and make it affordable for the large demographic of population of this country with low income, it had to be produced at an amazingly affordable price.

With Gonona’s vision and consultancy, Telephone Shilpa Sangstha (TSS) was able to successfully deploy a laptop assembly plant in Dhaka, Bangladesh and produce and market over 40,000 laptops at an amazingly affordable price.

Gonona provided full solution and consultancy in the following areas:
1) Production Plan
2) Business Plan
3) Financial Plan
4) Marketing Plan
5) Vendor Selection
6) Technical Support
7) Staff Training
8) Capacity Planning

A Few Pictures From The Plant