Quality Assurance

Gonona Technologies Limited's mission is to be the leading information technologies and solution provider in Bangladesh and in the region by retaining global standard of quality. We are committed to quality, on-time delivery and cost-effectiveness.

To achieve this, our objective will be the ongoing development of our management processes to continually improve our services and products and be a better company by:

  • Complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management system and applicable regulations
  • Continually improving our management system through setting up & complying with our quality objectives
  • Integrating state of the art knowledge of the industry
  • Meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring on-time delivery performance
  • Cost optimization and monitoring the cost of quality
  • Effective participation of all our personnel
  • Periodically reviewing our quality objectives
  • Reducing waste and inefficiency wherever found