SpiceOffice - ERP

There are various processes running a business. For example there is inventory, accounting, human resource, customer relation management and etc. ERP software is something that combines all of the mentioned functions together under one umbrella via information technology. At the center of it all, there is a centered database so redundancy is prevented in the system. In addition, ERP software offers synchronization and business automation. Instead of forcing every employee to make report and then later merging all of those reports to generate an overall report, an ERP can streamline this process and a manager can pull the report at any point of time from the ERP system.

ERP gives businesses a real time overview that enables a company to address concerns quickly and prevent them proactively. ERP can integrate all the separate aspects in a company and simplify management science and project management. ERP also enables a business to reduce paper work and repeated entry. If used properly, ERP can be used to produce a much more accurate finance report and give a much better customer service. Furthermore, by streamlining your business process you also improve your business’s workflow and efficiency. 

Gonona Technologies Ltd. has its own ERP solution, SpiceOffice. SpiceOffice is designed for businesses automation of businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small businesses employing 10 personnel or you are a corporate giant with more than thousands of employees, SpiceOffice’s dynamic pricing plan has something to offer for everyone. Our solution is flexible and if you prefer to automate only a section of your business instead of the whole organization, you don’t have to pay for it all. Our ERP solution has module selective payment policy. This basically means, if you just want to use a centralized solution for human resource management system and cost management system then you don’t have to pay for other system that are built in.