Web Engineering

When we say web engineering, we mean it all. We work with every part of web technology through our concern Corposites.com. Services provided by Corposites.com are:

Responsive Web Design

What makes a great website? The technical know-how, creative graphics and intuitive user interface development through systematic information architecture. With us, you will have a team of professionals who have a long experience of blending these three. 

Furthermore, the new generation of mobile phones such as iPhone and the Android, are becoming more and more popular as an access media to the web. To enable our innovative work to reach every demographic of audience, your website needs to function seamlessly across mobile, tablet screen resolutions. 

That is where responsive comes to play. We specialize in responsive web design, so they fit into even the tiniest of cellphones seamlessly. The experience is so good that your website will feel like an custom web application for mobile phones and you will enjoy the cost benefit of reaching such large demographic with the price of a single website.

Built To Last With Latest Technologies and Industry Standards:

• HTML 5 and CSS3

• W3C accessibility guidelines 

• Superior user interface design

• Techniques that attracts Search Engine’s Attention

• Fully integrated with Google Analytics and Google AdWords

• Motion graphics, animation and video is viewable on smartphone, iPhone and iPad devices

• Various content management solutions are available

Customized Web Application Development

Gonona Technologies provides user-friendly web applications that works offline and runs off the web browser. We spend time and effort to make sure that ourdeveloped web applicationincludes instant content synchronization, quick file system access, and prompt redundant synchronization.

Our applications are designed to tone-down the complexity of your business process. This increase business productivityand accelerates your business revenue to a new height. Our industry expertise and technical experience enables us to make complicated and tedious operations simpler.In addition, our web applications can help clients synchronize important processes and streamline your IT operations in a proper, growth-enhancing manner. 

E-Commerce Solutions

We have unparalleled knowledge and experience in the industry. We are able to craft e-commerce solutions that suit a merchant’s exact needs.>

Payment Gateways

E-Commerce becomes a snap when you’ve got a Payment Gateway managing your transactions. We offer multiple Payment Gateway options. Choose the one that fits your business — from our range of payment gateways solutions.

Virtual Terminals

We provide even more flexibility for your online shopping experience with our virtual terminal Transaction Central. This web-based centralized payment processing system lets you run everything through its centralized toolset.

Online Shopping Carts

We provide expertise and support for your website’s online shopping cart. We’ll help you find the one that works best and most efficiently with your payment processing setup. And we’ll help you keep it working smoothly.

Mobile Payment Technologies

Gonona keeps you on the cutting edge of Mobile Payment Technology — offering both iPhone and Android solutions for your business. We’ll let your customers connect to your online shopping cart right from their phone and help you process their transactions seamlessly.

Security (Data and Application)

We provide robust security for your e-commerce site. Wheather data security or application security, Gonona’s expert team will make sure your e-commerce site and customers are fully free of any threats.