• Inspiring Ideas

    Gonona Technologies Limited is a platform where we are developing multiple ideas for the IT industry. Along with developing and implementing innovative ideas, we provide high tech industry standard solutions in the field of information, communication, and defense.
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  • Production Consultancy

    We are one of the few companies in which has experience in technical consultancy for digital device production in a new location. If you are interested to start a production of a digital device anywhere in the world, our consultancy team can work wonders for you.
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  • System Integration

    Deployment of a high-tech subsystems and integrating them to bring control under one umbrella isn't of the interest of every other technical company you know. Then again we are not your ordinary technical company
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  • Software Development

    Maximize the efficiency of your business. With our advanced ERP solution, known for its user friendly interface and efficiency, now streamlining your business is easier and more cost effective than ever.
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  • Security & Defense

    We are one of the countries finest organization who are fully committed toward bringing the most efficient solution in the field of defense technology.
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  • Web Projects

    We know the web like the back of our palm. With more than 15 years of technical experience in enterprise level web based project implementation, we have the confidence to tackle projects of large scale.
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  • Telecom & Networking

    We provide cost effective last mile connectivity solutions that are not only versatile and reliable, but also highly robust and environmentally friendly. We are currently providing network and telecommunication infrastructure support in Dhaka and Chittagong region.
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  • Graphics Solutions

    For an idea to be considered as an innovation it must use leverage technologies in a way never thought of before and it must help people in one way or another. We have came up with innovative ideas that does an excellent job at using technology to help day to day people.
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Research & Development

Technology is at the heart of people and R&D is at the heart of technology. Innovation is what excites us about tomorrow.

Our policy of heavy investment in R&D is purely based on the intention of enriching living standard with better technology.


Reducing Digital Divide

We believe benifit of technology should available to everyone in this world regardless of race, nationality and affordability.

Our aim is to reducing digital divide , DOEL was our first initiative towards reducing digital divide.


Quality Assurance

No matter how big or small task is, we always put our client first and take care of their project like it is a part of our company.

We ensure client satisfaction by establishing and implementing our defined and declared quality objectives.