One of our latest innovations which enables people to take their work out of their office. Everything you need for a mid to a large size office management system is stored under one umbrella. Whether you are a small businesses employing 10 personnel or you are a corporate giant with more than thousands of employees, SpiceOffice’s dynamic pricing plan has something to offer for everyone. Our solution is flexible and if you prefer to automate only a section of your business instead of the whole organization, you don’t have to pay for it all. Our ERP solution has module selective payment policy. This basically means, if you just want to use a centralized solution for human resource management system and cost management system then you don’t have to pay for other system that are built in.


Our innovation DOEL is one of the cheapest produced laptop in the world. Produced in Bangladesh, it comes in many models to reach out to all class of people. The dream behind DOEL was to make digital devices such as laptops and tablets affordable for people below proverty line.

One of the most innovative ideas of Gonona Techonologies Ltd. graphicman aims to provide next generation of one stop graphics solution for big companies and mainstream people. The original inspiration behind was mainstream people not being able to have access to quick professional graphics solution without pursuing online for freelancers. With its launch expected in end of the year, it aims to employee more than 5000 people. is a venture fully owned by Gonona Technologies limited and it is committed to deliver corporate IT solutions to the world. Through we promise to deliver you corporate creativity at its best. We display profound professionalism when it comes to establishing your corporate identity. Whether it is via designing a website, logo, business card, brochures, or even a letterhead; we are fully committed to a total client satisfaction approach.