Facts & Figures


  • The word "Gonona" means "Computing" in Bengali Language

  • Gonona helped Bangladesh Government produce its first ever and only laptop "DOEL" which helped the country reduce digital divide.

  • Gonona enabled Bengali language to be displayed on Android platform for the first time.

  • Gonona Telecommunication Transmission Team deployed and maintains 2,58,500 meters of fiber optics cable network which ensures 3G and 4G connectivity in different regions in Bangladesh.

  • Our Defense Systems Team installed state of the art security and survailance solution which enables Prime Minister's Office, Bangladesh to operate with high security.

  • We helped Chittagong Port Authority to track down their asset list and manage their full administrative information by developing an Intelligent Data Management System.

  • Our developed office management applications are currently being used ver 350 organizations world wide to increase productivity.

  • And we are just getting started...