Reducing Digital Divide

Our motive to be the best has far more meaning than just coming on the cover picture of magazines and newspapers. Ever since Gonona's foundation it has been working endlessly to reduce digital divide. We dream of a world where everyone has access to information. We believe at this point of time if you can secure a person a digital device and internet, you have provided that person enough to educate himself/herself. We dream of a world where people can communicate with one another and no one has to be apart, even for community with moderate resource and income.

In our country, we have a clear division of two classes. There is one class who has the knowledge on how to use digital device. This is mostly due to their ability to purchase digital devices. On the other hand there is another class that has no idea on how to harness the power of digital devices due to their inability to purchase one. Nowadays, even though there are enough access points for those who cannot afford to buy it, as they do not have the knowledge to use it that class cannot utilize these access points either.

For this reason, we at Gonona are working on a Bangladesh where people are more educated to use digital devices. We are also working on solutions that allows digital devices being more affordable to more people. The main objective of this two is that once people have the power of digital devices on their hand they can take their learning to the next level with the power of the internet. When they have access to information, their possibilities are limitless.